Sterling Evans

Louise Welsh Chair

Dr. Evans joined the History faculty in 2009 as the Welsh Chair. He has research and teaching interests in the history of the trans-national Great Plains, the U.S-Mexican and U.S.-Canadian borderlands, agricultural history, and environmental history. These interests meet in his book Bound in Twine: The History and Ecology of the Henequen-Wheat Complex for Mexico and the American and Canadian Plains, which won the Theodore Saloutos Best Book Prize from the Agricultural History Society in 2008 and also the Caroline Bancroft Award in 2009. He also edited the books The Borderlands of the American and Canadian Wests: Essays on Regional History of the 49th Parallel, and American Indians in American History, 1870-2001: A Companion Reader, and is the author of a number of articles in a variety of journals. He is active in such organizations as the Western History Association, the Agricultural History Society, the American Society for Environmental History, the Society for Latin American and Caribbean Environmental History, and the Rocky Mountain Council on Latin American Studies. His interest in the environmental history of Latin America prompted him to write The Green Republic: A Conservation History of Costa Rica, and to work on his current project, Damming Sonora: Water, Agriculture, and Environmental Change in Northwest Mexico. Evans received his doctorate in history from the University of Kansas.