Sherif Lotfy

 Behind such terms as the 'military and financial revolutions' lie a history of the modern state. Mr. Lotfy studies the rise of the state, and the executive power of taxation and finance. Historians observe the birth of the modern world by tracking the precocious nature of the state's diplomatic, economic, and political evolution. States competed with each other in a dynamic global economy far earlier than the usual narratives suggest. The rise in written sources on cultural and political thought in the Early Modern world demonstrate an awareness of foreign opinions beyond historians' usual gaze on religion. Ideas about then nature of despotism, productivity, and morality crossed boundaries and respected no borders. Mr. Lotfy's interests also include the influence of Scandinavia and the Middle East on Britain's cultural formation.

Mr. Lotfy serves regularly as a TA in courses ranging from Scotland and Ireland to Britain and empires in general. His thesis, From Extraordinary to Ordinary: British Crown Taxation, 1558-1685, organizes the extraordinary and ordinary incomes of the British monarch, and the pressures which financial desperation released into the political order. His committee consists of Dr. James S. Hart Jr., Dr. Judith S. Lewis, and Dr. Jennifer J. Davis.