Sandie Holguin

Associate Professor

Professor Holguin is the author of Creating Spaniards: Culture and National Identity in Republican Spain, a book exploring efforts by the numerous governments of the Second Republic in Spain to invent their own conceptions of Spain=s cultural, artistic, and historical traditions. Their intent was to forge a national identity in a country that had been divided for over a century by regionalism, political instability, and religious retrenchment. Her article, "'National Spain Invites You': Battlefield Tourism during the Spanish Civil War", appeared in 2005 in the American Historical Review. Professor Holguin is currently at work on a history of flamenco. She teaches a wide variety of courses in European intellectual history, European feminist thought, women and gender in Europe, and courses on the history of Spain. Professor Holguin received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles.