Starting in Fall 2016, all OU History majors will be advised by Sarah Olzawski, a full-time advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences. Olzawski, who graduated from OU in 2004 with a degree in history, moved into advising in 2012, after completing a Master’s degree in Library Science. In addition to history, she advises for the Biology and Film and Media Studies Departments.

Having a designated professional advisor, especially one with Olzawski’s research and communication skills, will improve retention within the major and the university more generally. Dr. Wickersham, who will continue to serve as Director of Undergraduate Studies through this academic year, notes that, as a professional adviser, “Ms. Olzawski is able to devote all her time and considerable talents and energies to helping students select courses, explore professional opportunities, and make the most of being history majors.”

For her part, Sarah Olzawski is eager to help students “connect to the benefits” of majoring in history. And those are benefits that she uses daily. Professional advising might seem to be an unlikely career for a history major, but nothing could be further from the truth. Olzawski says that “the critical thinking, writing, and communication skills” she got from studying history are central to her success.

To begin working with Ms. Olzawski, set up an appointment at iAdvise.

Sarah Olzawski helps history senior and Phi Alpha Theta President Rachel Thatcher stay on track for graduation.