Gary Clayton Anderson
George Lynn Cross Research Professor
Email: gcanderson@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 311
Research: American Indian History, Ethnohistory
Alfred S. Bradford
John Saxon Chair of Ancient History
Email: abradford@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 422
Research: Ancient Greek and Roman History

Kathleen A. Brosnan
Paul and Doris Eaton Travis Chair of Modern History
Email: kbrosnan@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 820
Research: U. S. Western and Environmental History, Urban and Legal History, and Public History

James Cane-Carrasco
Associate Professor
Email: cane@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 317
Research: Latin American History

David Chappell
Rothbaum Professor of History
Email: dchappell@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 421
Research: Modern U. S. History

Jennifer Davis
Associate Professor
Email: jennifer.j.davis@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 424
Research: French History

Sterling Evans
Professor, Louise Welsh Chair
Email: evans@ou.edu
Office: Cate Center 4 #228
Research: Borderlands, North American West, Environmental and Agricultural History

Elyssa Faison
Associate Professor
Email: efaison@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 312
Research: Japanese History

Raphael Folsom
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Email: raphael.folsom@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 308
Research: Latin American History

Steven M. Gillon
Email: smgillon@ou.edu
Research: Modern U. S. History, Resident Historian of the History Channel

Ronnie Grinberg
Assistant Professor
Email: grinberg@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 416
Research:  American Jewish History, Modern U. S. History, Women's and Gender History
Robert L. Griswold
Email: rgriswold@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 804C
Research: Recent U. S. and American Social History

Miriam Gross
Associate Professor
Email: mdgross@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 409B
Research: Modern Chinese and Asian History

James S. Hart, Jr.
Hudson Professor and Department Chair
Email: jshart@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 406A
Research: Tudor-Stuart England, Ireland

Sandie Holguin
Associate Professor
Email: sholguin@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 315
Research: Modern European Intellectual and Cultural History, Modern Spain

Jennifer Holland
Assistant Professor
Email: jennifer.holland@ou.edu
Office:  DAHT 417
Research: Gender and Women’s History; North American West; 20th c. U.S.

Anne Hyde
Email: anne.hyde@ou.edu
Research: 19th Century North American West, Native America, Race

Ben Keppel
Email: bkeppel@ou.edu
Office: Copeland Hall 117
Research: 20th Century United States, African-American History

Alan Levenson
Schusterman/Josey Chair in Judaic History
Email: alevenson@ou.edu
Office: Cate Center 4 # 230
Research: Jewish Intellectual, Literary, and Religious History

Roberta Magnusson
Associate Professor
Email: rmagnusson@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 822
Research: Medieval European and Italian History

R. Warren Metcalf
Associate Professor
Email:  w.metcalf@ou.edu
Office: Copeland #226
Research: American Indian History, American West

Stephen H. Norwood
Email: shnorwood@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 819
Research: 20-century U. S., American Social and Labor History, Jewish and Holocaust Studies

Garret Olberding
Associate Professor
Email: golberding@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 313
Research: Ancient Chinese History

Bala Saho
Associate Professor
Email: bsaho1@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 412
Research: African History, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Colonialism

Carsten Schapkow
Associate Professor
Email: cschapkow@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 316
Research: Modern Jewish History, German History

Rhona Seidelman
Assistant Professor
Email: rds@ou.edu
Office: Cate Center 4 #210
Research:  Israel, immigration, public health, quarantine
Rachel A. Shelden
Associate Professor
Email: rachel.shelden@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 409C
Research: Nineteenth-Century American Political & Cultural History, the U.S. Civil War, Slavery & Race

Shmuel Shepkaru
Schusterman Professor of Jewish Intellectual and Religious History
Email: shepkaru@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 305F
Research: Late Antiquity and Medieval Jewish History, Hebrew

Melissa K. Stockdale
Email: mstockdale @ou.edu
Office: DAHT 314
Research: Russian and Soviet History

Janet Ward
Faculty Director, OU Humanities Forum
Email: janet.ward@ou.edu
Office: Carnegie Building 202/203
Research: Urban Studies, Visual Culture, Memory Studies, 20th-Century Germany, Border Studies

Jane Wickersham
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Email: jwickersham@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 806
Research: Italian and Reformation History

David Wrobel
Professor, David L. Boren Professor and Merrick Chair of Western American History
Email: david.wrobel@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 419
Research: North American West and American Intellectual and Cultural History

 Affiliated Faculty


Ben Alpers



 Peter BarkerHistory of Sciencebarkerp@ou.edu 
Kevin Butterfield

Institute for American Constitutional Heritage/

Rangar Cline
Religious Studies

Kathleen Crowther
History of Science

Kyle HarperSr. Vice President and Provost, Classics & Letters kyleharper@ou.edu 
 Bob Lifset

Afshin Marashi

 International & Area Studies

Wilfred McClay

 Center for History of Liberty

Alan McPherson

 International & Area Studies

Andrew Porwancher

 Institute for American Constitutional Heritage/


Lindsay Robertson


Kathryn Schumaker

Sara Tracy


Emeritus Faculty

Gary D. Cohen
Modern Central Europe
Russell D. BuhiteU.S. History
Gordon Drummond
German History
Albert L. Hurtado American West, Native American ahurtado@ou.edu 
Paul Gilje
Revolutionary and Early American History, Maritime History
Paul Glad U.S.  Historypwglad@sbcglobal.net 
David Levy U.S. History dwlevy@ou.edu 
Judith Lewis-Phillips
Modern Europe, Modern Britain, British Empire
Donald J. Pisani U.S. History djpisani@ou.edu 
William W. Savage, Jr.U.S. History
Robert ShalhopeU.S. History robert-shalhope@ou.edu 
Daniel C. Snell
Ancient Near East
Norman Stillman
Judaic History

 In Memoriam

Wayne Morgan
Former OU History Department Chair
Professor of American HIstory

Jidlaph Kamoche
Former Director of OU African/African-American Studies
Professor of African History