Gary Clayton Anderson
George Lynn Cross Research Professor
Email: gcanderson@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 311
Research: American Indian History, Ethnohistory
Alfred S. Bradford
John Saxon Chair of Ancient History
Email: abradford@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 422
Research: Ancient Greek and Roman History

Kathleen A. Brosnan
Paul and Doris Eaton Travis Chair of Modern History
Email: kbrosnan@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 820
Research: U. S. Western and Environmental History, Urban and Legal History, and Public History

James Cane-Carrasco
Associate Professor
Email: cane@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 317
Research: Latin American History

David Chappell
Rothbaum Professor of History
Email: dchappell@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 421
Research: Modern U. S. History

Jennifer Davis
Associate Professor
Email: jennifer.j.davis@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 424
Research: French History

Sterling Evans
Professor, Louise Welsh Chair
Email: evans@ou.edu
Office: Cate Center 4 #228
Research: Borderlands, North American West, Environmental and Agricultural History

Elyssa Faison
Associate Professor
Email: efaison@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 312
Research: Japanese History

Raphael Folsom
Associate Professor
Email: raphael.folsom@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 308
Research: Latin American History

Paul A. Gilje
George Lynn Cross Research Professor
Email: pgilje@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 423
Research: Revolutionary and Early American History, Maritime History

Steven M. Gillon
Email: smgillon@ou.edu
Research: Modern U. S. History, Resident Historian of the History Channel

Ronnie Grinberg
Assistant Professor
Email: grinberg@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 416
Research:  American Jewish History, Modern U. S. History, Women's and Gender History
Robert L. Griswold
Email: rgriswold@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 804C
Research: Recent U. S. and American Social History

Miriam Gross
Associate Professor
Email: mdgross@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 409B
Research: Modern Chinese and Asian History

James S. Hart, Jr.
Hudson Professor and Department Chair
Email: jshart@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 406A
Research: Tudor-Stuart England, Ireland

Sandie Holguin
Associate Professor
Email: sholguin@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 315
Research: Modern European Intellectual and Cultural History, Modern Spain

Jennifer Holland
Assistant Professor
Email: jennifer.holland@ou.edu
Office:  DAHT 417
Research: Gender and Women’s History; North American West; 20th c. U.S.

Anne Hyde
Email: anne.hyde@ou.edu
Research: 19th Century North American West, Native America, Race

  Catherine E. Kelly
Professor, L.R. Brammer Jr. Presidential Professor
Editor, Journal of the Early Republic
Email: cathykelly@ou.edu
Office: Copeland 116
Research: America before Civil War, visual and material culture, cultural history, women’s history
Ben Keppel
Email: bkeppel@ou.edu
Office: Copeland Hall 117
Research: 20th Century United States, African-American History

Alan Levenson
Schusterman/Josey Chair in Judaic History
Email: alevenson@ou.edu
Office: Cate Center 4 # 230
Research: Jewish Intellectual, Literary, and Religious History

Judith S. Lewis
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Email: Judith.S.Lewis-1@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 821
Research: Modern Europe, Modern Britain, British Empire

Roberta Magnusson
Associate Professor
Email: rmagnusson@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 822
Research: Medieval European and Italian History

R. Warren Metcalf
Associate Professor
Email:  w.metcalf@ou.edu
Office: Copeland #226
Research: American Indian History, American West

Stephen H. Norwood
Email: shnorwood@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 819
Research: 20-century U. S., American Social and Labor History, Jewish and Holocaust Studies

Garret Olberding
Associate Professor
Email: golberding@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 313
Research: Ancient Chinese History

Bala Saho
Assistant Professor
Email: bsaho1@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 412
Research: African History, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Colonialism

Carsten Schapkow
Associate Professor
Email: cschapkow@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 316
Research: Modern Jewish History, German History

Rhona Seidelman
Assistant Professor
Email: rds@ou.edu
Office: Cate Center 4 #210
Research:  Israel, immigration, public health, quarantine
Rachel A. Shelden
Associate Professor
Email: rachel.shelden@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 409C
Research: Nineteenth-Century American Political & Cultural History, the U.S. Civil War, Slavery & Race

Shmuel Shepkaru
Schusterman Professor of Jewish Intellectual and Religious History
Email: shepkaru@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 305F
Research: Late Antiquity and Medieval Jewish History, Hebrew

Daniel C. Snell
Email: dcsnell@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 420
Research: Ancient Near East

Melissa K. Stockdale
Email: mstockdale @ou.edu
Office: DAHT 314
Research: Russian and Soviet History

Janet Ward
Faculty Director, OU Humanities Forum
Email: janet.ward@ou.edu
Office: Carnegie Building 202/203
Research: Urban Studies, Visual Culture, Memory Studies, 20th-Century Germany, Border Studies

Jane Wickersham
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Email: jwickersham@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 806
Research: Italian and Reformation History

David Wrobel
Professor, David L. Boren Professor and Merrick Chair of Western American History
Email: david.wrobel@ou.edu
Office: DAHT 419
Research: North American West and American Intellectual and Cultural History

 Affiliated Faculty


Ben Alpers



 Peter BarkerHistory of Sciencebarkerp@ou.edu 
Kevin Butterfield

Institute for American Constitutional Heritage/

Rangar Cline
Religious Studies

Kathleen Crowther
History of Science

Kyle HarperSr. Vice President and Provost, Classics & Letters kyleharper@ou.edu 
 Bob Lifset

Afshin Marashi

 International & Area Studies

Wilfred McClay

 Center for History of Liberty

Alan McPherson

 International & Area Studies

Andrew Porwancher

 Institute for American Constitutional Heritage/


Lindsay Robertson


Kathryn Schumaker

Sara Tracy


Emeritus Faculty

Gary D. Cohen
Modern Central Europe
Russell D. BuhiteU.S. History
Gordon Drummond
German History
Albert L. Hurtado American West, Native American ahurtado@ou.edu 
Paul Glad U.S.  Historypwglad@sbcglobal.net 
David Levy U.S. History dwlevy@ou.edu 
Donald J. Pisani U.S. History djpisani@ou.edu 
William W. Savage, Jr.U.S. History
Robert ShalhopeU.S. History robert-shalhope@ou.edu 
Norman Stillman
Judaic History

 In Memoriam

Wayne Morgan
Former OU History Department Chair
Professor of American HIstory

Jidlaph Kamoche
Former Director of OU African/African-American Studies
Professor of African History