Bala Saho

Assistant Professor

Dr. Saho received his PhD in African history from Michigan State University and his MA from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in African Studies (2012, 2007). Saho is currently working towards transforming his dissertation into a book tentatively titled Negotiating Rights and Claims: Women and Muslim Judges in Colonial Bathurst (The Gambia), 1900 – 1960. His study explores the establishment and maintenance of multiple and often competing legal terrains and judicial traditions in colonial Gambia. It also investigates how the creation of the Muslim court brought changes to relations within Gambian households as women took advantage of opportunities provided by the British colonial administration to challenge existing systems of patriarchy, marriage, divorce, child custody, maintenance, and property rights issues. He is a historian of nineteenth- and twentieth- century West Africa (religious, legal, cultural, and social, women and gender history). Dr. Saho previously worked in The Gambia as Director General of the National Centre for Arts and Culture and Director of the Oral History Archive.