Amy Bergseth

Amy Bergseth received her B.A. in History and American Studies from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio).  Her B.A. history thesis focused on early visual representations of Europeans created by American Indians pre-1830.  Her B.A. American Studies thesis was a collaborative project with the Myaamia Project, a language and culture revitalization program at Miami University.  With the help of Myaamia Project staff and students, she created an introductory video to increase awareness about the relationship between the university and the sovereign Miami Nation.  She has presented past work at many national conferences including the American Society of Ethnohistory.  She is now working on her M.A. in the field of Native American history.  Her current interests include Miami history in Kansas, tribal-academic collaborations in historical research, and studying the Miami-Illinois language.  Once her M.A. is completed, she hopes to build on her research as she pursues her Ph.D. in Native American history.