Alistair Fortson

Alistair William Fortson is a Graduate Assistant under Dr. David Wrobel. He is a first year Masters Student in Western American History, focusing on the 1930s and 1940s American West, especially the industrialization and war manufacturing during that period. Through this topic he explores relations between Gender, Cultural Identity and Origin, Migration, Labor, and Racial Issues in the World War era American West.

Alistair was born in the Bay Area of California, spending his first 18 years in the Gold Country near Sacramento, and considers Berkeley, California, his current hometown. He has always loved history, especially the castles and fortresses of Great Britain, and holds dual citizenship with the United States and Great Britain. If he wasn't a history graduate student he would be a plant biologist, and loves hiking, animals of all kinds, and the outdoors. He played baseball four years of high school and enjoys college and professional football and baseball especially.